Want to get to know a little more about the AdSport team? We asked each member 20 questions that do not have anything to do with what happens in the office. With the latest installment of “20 Questions”, here is Andy Price, AdSport’s Managing Director of Client Services.


Born in Stamford, CT but have spent most of my life in Phoenix, AZ.

Favorite sport?

Toss up between football and soccer

Favorite team?

FC Barcelona & anything Arizona Wildcats

Where did you go to school?

University of Arizona, Bear Down!

Favorite athlete growing up?

Tony Gwynn. Shortly after I was born my family moved out to San Diego, which is where I first experienced my love for sports.

Best sports memory?

It was the summer in between my sophomore and junior year of college and I was down at the UofA at a local bar called Frog n Firkin for the USA vs. Algeria World Cup match in South Africa.  The entire bar was in unison cheering Team USA on and when the Yanks scored a late goal to win it, the place erupted.  Never have I experienced a sporting event where everyone at the bar was rooting for the same team, going through the roller coaster of a game all together.  It was so cool.

Favorite stadium food?

Gotta be hot dogs.  I’m a simple guy, just give me some ketchup.

Walkup/intro song?

Black Sabbath by Iron Man


Working out, drinking beer, and going out to eat.  Phoenix is a very underrated beer and food city.

Hobby you’d like to have if time/money weren’t an issue?


Favorite place you’ve visited?

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Favorite drink?

While I really enjoy craft beer, I’m not an IPA guy.  I prefer hefeweizens, which are really refreshing in the AZ heat.

Any pets?

Not at the moment but I’ve always been a dog guy.  Soon!

Favorite movie/TV show?

Narcos on Netflix or Game of Thrones on HBO.

Most interesting/unique thing you’ve ever done?

I have visited Kings Landing from the Game of Thrones and walked Cersei’s “walk of shame”

Proudest moment?

In 2014 AdSport created and managed the Game Day Chef Challenge for our client Chevron – it was a nationwide cooking competition where we looked for the best tailgating themed dishes that consumers could make from ingredients purchased at a Chevron or Texaco station.  We held live cook-offs outside of football stadiums across the country with the Grand Finale at the Rose Bowl.  The competition ran for two seasons but after the first, I think the entire team was like “hold cow, we just put on a cooking competition… and no one got hurt”.

Best book or series you’ve ever read?

A Tale of Two Cities – Charles Dickens

If you could invite three people, dead or alive, to a dinner party, who would they be?

Elon Musk, Lebron James, Stephen Colbert

If you were a superhero, what powers would you have?

To fly!

Last movie you went to?

Aquaman in 3D – I’m not a huge comic book hero movie goer but this was pretty good.

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