I think we can all agree that this year’s game was much more exciting than last year’s edition. But how did the commercials stack up?

Now that Super Bowl Sunday is officially over, we took a pulse of our else to determine the top five commercials from the game.

Our panel of judges included:

  • Gary Knudson, CEO & Founder
  • Rusty Ford, CMO
  • Andy Price, Managing Director, Client Services
  • Serena Hsieh, Office Manager
  • Me, Abby Murphy, Intern

Here is what we came to:


First Place

Bud Light – First and Second Ad

AdSport’s thoughts:

AP: “Putting these together though I prefer the “Bar” one. Great celebrity fit, with a ton of humor. Thank god they’ve moved away from the Bud Light Knight….”

RF: “I see this more of a campaign then two different spots, and given Post Malone’s popularity, and product focus, with a big splash of humor, it is ends up in my top 5.”

Second Place

Amazon – Ellen

AdSport’s thoughts:

RF: “I think this spot does a great job of using humor to point out that if you do not have Amazon echo, you are living in ancient times”

SH: “Great take on the technology we live with these days.”

AM: “I felt like they recorded a conversation with my family, super relate-able.”


Third Place


AdSport’s thoughts:

AP: “Who can’t relate to this? MC Hammer and the sound track took this spot to the next level.”

GK: “Hilarious, memorable. Shows product in a humorous way.”

SH: “Catches everyone’s attention and got the point across perfectly. “

Fourth Place


AdSport’s thoughts:

RF: “Great use of a classic movie and featuring the Rubicon in different scenarios and keeping it humorous.”

AP: “Bringing back a classic movie with original characters always wins the nostalgia factor. But Bill Murray is especially fantastic in this. And that Jeep look like a hell of a lot of fun to drive.”

GK: “Anything with Bill Murray and a groundhog is a winner in my book.”

AM: “Man, I want that car!”

Fifth Place


AdSport’s thoughts:

RF: “Liked the science fiction angle to show that this is a good water filter and in addition to creating soda drinks.”

AP: “I like the sci-fi movie feel to this. Its an ad that had a serious tone but the comedic hit at the end really paid off.”

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