“Rapid Rounds” is AdSport’s newest segment where we grill our client services team for their thoughts on some timely (and sometimes trivial) issues in sports today.  You will find out a little bit more about the AdSport team through these questions of their likes, dislikes, and random thoughts.

Here are the team’s thoughts and predictions with Super Bowl LIV coming up!


Founder & CEO




Managing Dir. of Client Services



1. Winner & Score Predictions?

Kansas City Chiefs 38-14

Chiefs, 31-27

Chiefs, 34-31

Chiefs, 34-24

2. MVP Prediction?

Patrick Lavon Mahomes II



Patty Mahomes

3. Favorite Super Bowl Commercial of all time?

Whooa, so many.  I will go with Budweiser Frogs, or Snickers Betty White

4. In less than 5 words, what makes a Super Bowl commercial stand out or memorable?

Creating awareness with humor

Funny and Unique

Funny, but relevant & timely

Inspiring or just Nonsense

5. Have to Have Super Bowl Dish?

Buffalo Dip

Seven Layer Dip

Chips & guacamole


6. Biggest sporting event on your bucket list?

The Masters

Olympics – summer or winter as long as at foreign venue

World Cup Final

CrossFit Dubai Championship

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