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When I founded AdSport in 1994, I had the belief that if we were doing our job well, nobody should know who we were. I felt, our work should be about the client, not us. Mission accomplished as I believe we’ve done a pretty good job at flying under the radar for the last 24 years.

After all this time we still believe it should be 100% about the client, but we’ve come to the understanding that it’s ok to be proud of and share the great work our team has done for our clients. I’ve also come to recognize that we should have a voice in our sports business community – collectively our team has close to 100 years of experience in marketing, advertising, technology, sponsorship, and activation.

On our new site, you’ll see some of our recent projects and gain insights from our team on what’s going on in the world of sports marketing from Stadium Naming Rights to Augmented Reality and everything in between.

You’ll also see something we’re very honored to be working on – The AdSport Scholar Thesis Program. Through our partnership with the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, we’ll be highlighting outstanding research in the area of sport. Each year, the program invites Junior/Senior students who are part of the Barrett Honors College and majoring in Marketing and/or Sports and Media Studies to select a real-world, project-based thesis that has relevance in the world of sport.

This program would not exist if not for the world-class faculty at Arizona State University. Specifically, Prof. Michael Mokwa, Prof. John Eaton, Prof. Daniel McIntosh, and Prof. Christopher Lee. These amazing educators are conducting leading-edge research in sports and teach extensively in ASU’s Undergraduate Marketing and Sports Law and Business Master Programs.

Thanks for visiting, come back often, and please reach out if you’d like to to discuss how we can help your brand.

— Gary

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