With the Super Bowl less than a week away, everyone is quietly preparing for the biggest Sunday of the year. Well, everyone except brands who purchased a spot to air their much anticipated 30 seconds of glory. They’ve been working hard over the last year to stake their claim as “The Best.”

The commercials have become almost as big as the game itself. Now, it’s not uncommon for Monday to roll around and have more people talking about the ads they saw than the game. From celebrities to animals to babies, brands have tried it all. There have been some memorable commercials over the past few decades, but to kick of Super Bowl week here are the AdSport team’s all-time favorite spots.

Gary Knudson, Founder & CEO

“Reebok: Terry Tate, Office Linebacker” – 2003

The office linebacker campaign didn’t move many shoes for Reebok, but the spots were hilarious! I know that as a marketer, you have to ask how effective is the ad if it is not informing consumers of product features, benefits, etc.? But, you have to remember this was back in 2003 when social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter didn’t exist. This type of advertising was perfect for brand building.

Rusty Ford, CMO

“Tabasco: Mosquito Burn Out” – 1998

No words, and still perfectly conveyed the message.  Compelling, different, and stayed true to the brand personality.

Andy Price, Managing Director of Client Services

“Tide Ad” – 2018

While it isn’t an instant classic like the Budweiser frogs or Clydesdale horses; I really enjoyed Tide’s series of commercials during the 2018 Super Bowl. The way that they started each commercial in a way that you thought they were selling a different product really hooked you in to their concept. Every commercial from there on out you were looking at the clean clothes, thinking it might be the next set in the series. They hijacked the night. It wasn’t the funniest, but it’s one that sure dominated the conversations. Genius.

Eric Wyrowski, Client Services Manager

“Monkey Business (Up – Down Profitability)” – 2006

I love when a commercial is funny and ties directly into a brand’s product/service. For this guy, he’s literally working with a bunch of monkeys, and now there’s an easy way for him to find a new job.

Brian Kruse, Creative Director

“FedEx Caveman” – 2006

This one always makes me laugh. on point with their brand and what they do, but showing it in a ridiculous way while throwing in a little office dynamics and humor.

Serena Hsieh, Office Manager

“Budweiser Puppy Love” – 2014

It’s almost impossible to not watch this commercial to the end. I love how it pulls at the heartstrings and all for a beer commercial.

Logan Strauss, Marketing Intern

“Doritos Time Machine” – 2014

I really enjoy how Doritos commercials always focus on crazy schemes to help one of its characters get their hands on a bag of Doritos. This one is incredibly creative and the twist ending is great for such a short commercial.

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