Advice for AdSport interns:

Gary and Co. love saying that at AdSport, interns drink from the fire hose. This is totally true as they expect quite a bit from you. That is what makes this internship so worthwhile though. Being able to be a part of all of AdSport’s daily meetings and inter workings provide interns with an invaluable amount of experience. Interns are able to learn and grow at a fast pace that keeps things fresh and interesting.

The number one piece of advice I can give to future interns is to stay organized. You can be in charge of juggling several different tasks at one time and it is easy for one to slip through the cracks if you are not on top of things. This is especially true with the Chevron Cars Challenge. There are some days with no winners at all and some days with 7+ winners. Keeping track of all of those winners as well as their prizes can be tedious but it is definitely doable with an organized strategy.

Secondly, would be to ask as many questions as possible and try and get a deeper understanding of the different teams and sponsorship that AdSport manages. Every deal is different and the more you know about them the more experience you will gain and the better prepared you will be to deal with similar sponsorship in the future.

Finally, interns should be ready to work hard and be very responsive. They should be open to positive criticism and be ready and willing to change/ fix their work to make it the most professional that it can be. Skills that can help prospective interns land the job include: a strong work ethic, a professional manner, good communication skills, and steady drive for success.



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