Well, where do we start? This year’s crop of commercials were far from the best we’ve seen as a collective whole, but there’s a good chance they were still better than the game itself.

Last week, we shared our all-time favorite Super Bowl commercials. Now that Super Bowl LIII has come and gone, here are the AdSport team’s top three spots from Sunday night….actually, top six with third place ending up in a four-way tie.


First Place

NFL – “The 100-Year Game”

AdSport’s thoughts:

“All my favorite players in one place. Love the immaculate reception redo.”

“The NFL brought out the biggest stars of yesterday and today to celebrate 100 years. Surprisingly for the No Fun League, they didn’t hold anything back. Some of those hits looked like they hurt! Probably would have drawn a flag in today’s game. Overall, just really fun.”

“Great seeing all of the players, both new and old, come together to create one of the most exciting moments of the night. That fumble was way more exciting than anything that actually happened in the Super Bowl.”

Second Place

Bud Light – “Bud Light x Game of Thrones”

AdSport’s thoughts:

“Bud Light stole the show in a similar fashion to how Tide did the same during last year’s big game. Starring the Bud Light Knight, you fully expect it to be the next installment in the medievel campaign. But, after the knight is knocked off his horse, it quickly turns into a plug for the final installment of Game of Thrones. Loved it. Super clever.”

“For the Game of Thrones fans out there, this Bud Light spot had an incredible twist to get you even more excited for the final season.”

“Bud Light capitalized on what might be the most anticipated season ever for any television show by recreating one of its most memorable scenes out of nowhere! The integration was seamless and definitely left me shocked.”

“Great crossover ‘event’ – love the Dilly Dilly guy’s scream!”


Third Place (four-way tie)

Amazon Alexa – “Not Everything Makes the Cut”

AdSport’s thoughts:

“From beginning to end, this was well done.”

“Funny (and a little scary). Harrison Ford’s dog steals the show.”

Hyundai – “The Elevator”

AdSport’s thoughts:

“It has numerous subtle, but humorous, moments that are easy to identify with painful situations, but they creatively convey that buying a car from Hyundai is a good experience.”

“Not so fast Captain Colon! Anything with Jason Bateman is a winner!”


Audi – “Cashew”

AdSport’s thoughts:

“From heaven to cubicle hell.”

“Loved the twist at the end! The Field of Dreams type feel at the beginning started things off strong, and this was one of the few spots of the night that had me laughing.”


Bubly – “Michael Buble vs. Bubly”

AdSport’s thoughts:

“Amusing and a great use of getting viewers to remember the brand name.”

“I thought this was hilarious. There is no better celebrity to endorse this product than Michael Buble, and I found the name puns to be quite endearing.”

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