Iron Pigs, and Mud Hens, and Bananas, oh my!

What’s in a name? Well, for Minor League Baseball it’s where everything starts. From Biscuits to Yard Goats, the names themselves are as creative as you can get, but the fun isn’t just in the team name.

Minor League Baseball’s family-friendly setup is a gold mine for brands looking to push creativity to the limits through fan engagement and in-stadium activation. The uniforms alone simply cannot be rivaled by other leagues.

We’ve seen the Fresno Grizzles fielding ground balls like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the New Hampshire Fisher Cats don jerseys covered in poutine, but in the true creative style the 2019 season is being kicked into gear by the Daytona Tortugas.

What better way to celebrate the day after Opening Day 2019 than a nod to the 10th Anniversary of The Hangover movie? On April 5, the Tortugas will sport Baby Carlos jerseys and will also host a pre-game happy hour. Being able to seamlessly integrate special themes like these are a great way for the teams to capitalize on merchandise sales and to get fans out to the ballpark.

These theme nights also represent an opportunity for team sponsors to capitalize on the buzz that’s created. If a brand is the presenting sponsor of a game like the Opening Night Hangover, that could come with activation opportunities such as product sampling, on-field contests involving a brand’s mascot, and social media exposure leading up to the game.

Minor League baseball provides an opportunity for teams and sponsors to push the envelope in terms of creativity. With a sport geared towards family entertainment, new ideas are constantly coming to the table, and when they are successful it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

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