A good coach can change a game; a great coach can change a life.” -John Wooden

On June 19th, the AdSport team had the honor of attending the Positive Coaching Alliance’s (PCA) Positive Impact Awards. AdSport’s very own founder and CEO, Gary Knudson, is a member of the PCA Board for the Arizona chapter, and presented the Community Impact Award.

Positive Coaching Alliance is just as it sounds, all about the impacts positive coaches can have on youth. This organization runs workshops for teams, coaches, and parents to teach them all not only how important positivity is in coaching, but how important sports are in general to a young kid’s life.

At the Positive Impact Awards, a panel of high school Triple-Impact Scholarship winners was able to speak on how important coaches and sports are to them, and how big of a role their coaches play in their lives. There was also a panel of professional athletes, including Misty Hyman, Ron Wolfey, and Brandon Webb. Even the professionals could testify that they would not be where they are without their coaches or positive teammates around them through the journey.

This was a truly inspiring event. PCA has reached 19.2 million youth since 1998, and is only working to reach more.For more information on the Positive Coaching Alliance, visit their website at www.positivecoach.org.

The difference a coach can make in a youth’s life is enormous, and PCA is showing high school and youth coaches how to teach life lessons while preparing their team to win on the scoreboard.” -Doc Rivers, Head coach LA Clippers and PCA National Advisory Board Member


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