“Rapid Rounds” is AdSport’s newest segment where we grill our client services team for their thoughts on some timely (and sometimes trivial) issues in sports today.  You will find out a little bit more about the AdSport team through these questions of their likes, dislikes, and random thoughts.

Here are the team’s personal favorites when it comes to Christmas.


Founder & CEO




Managing Dir. of Client Services



1. Favorite Christmas movie?


Christmas Vacation

My musts watches are the Home Alone series and National Lampoons


2. Best Christmas cookies?

Crispy (almost burnt) Toll House chocolate chip with walnuts

Gingerbread using raisins to decorate

Oatmeal Raisin

Anything with Oreos

3. Favorite Christmas tradition?

Going to the Salvation Army with my wife and kids and delivering meals to people at their homes

White Elephant (Dirty Santa) gift exchange

Picking out the perfect tree

Christmas Eve eggnog shakes with my cousin

4. White lights or multi-colored lights?


Multi-colored for the tree, white for outside


Classic white

5. Favorite Christmas song?

Spirit of Christmas – Ray Charles

Carol of the Bells

Feliz Navidad

Father Christmas

6. What time do you wake up on Christmas morning?

When the kids wake me up, usually at 5am’ish

With kids, it was about 6:00am, now closer to 8:00

No alarm set, maybe 7?

I am like a little kid, I barely sleep before Christmas

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