On November 17th, the AdSport team had the honor of working with the Sports Management Association from the University of Arizona and the Sports Business Club from Grand Canyon University. The presidents, Dillon Alexander of UofA, and Elisha Fronda of GCU, were amazing in helping to get everyone together and set up this event. These two groups of young adults are in college studying a multitude of different subjects, but all have a passion for sports.

AdSport as a company loves to see the up and coming generation that is interested in sports and hear their ideas. Each summer AdSport takes on an intern to do real hands on work in the office. It helps the students grow, but also brings a new set of ideas on to the team. Getting to meet with these two groups was like an accelerated version of the internship. The students were able to learn as well as get their own hands dirty.

On that Sunday, our managing director of client services, Andy Price, had the chance to talk to these two groups of students on who AdSport is, what we do, and his own personal journey. He was able to give these clubs a look into the real world of sponsorship, something that cannot be taught in their classes.

AdSport also developed a case study for the students to work on the week leading up, and present at the event. The case involved coming up with a sponsorship opportunity for a company. The students were in charge of choosing what team to partner with, a list of assets, and how to activate the sponsorship. There were five different teams who took turns presenting their ideas then received a score and feedback from Andy and myself.

As a company, we loved doing this because it gives us a chance to give back to these students, as well as open up our eyes to some new creative ideas. All five teams did an incredible job in this process. It makes our team excited for them to graduate and be working in our industry.


As for myself and being a student, I can honestly say that it is experiences and opportunities like these that have moved the needle for me. As much as I value my education, it is these real-life experiences, even mock experiences, that help to know what we are truly getting into.

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