“Rapid Rounds” is AdSport’s newest segment where we grill our client services team for their thoughts on some timely (and sometimes trivial) issues in sports today.  You will find out a little bit more about the AdSport team through these questions of their likes, dislikes, and random thoughts.

In the spirit of the holidays this week, our first session focuses on our personal takes to Thanksgiving do’s and don’ts.


Founder & CEO




Managing Dir. of Client Services



1. Favorite Thanksgiving sports memory?

Playing football with my kids in our annual neighborhood Turkey Day street football game last year.

Watching Oklahoma Vs Nebraska football games

Seeing Randy Moss’s 3 TDs vs. Cowboys in person

Playing catch with my dad and brother at half time of the Lions game every year

2. White or dark meat?


Growing up it was dark, but now it is all about the white with gravy



3. Most underrated side dish?

Fruit salad cup with whip cream

Sausage-based dressing

Warm bread roll with butter

All of them

4. Most overrated side dish?


Cranberry sauce


None of them

5. What three teams will win on Thanksgiving? (Bears v. Lions, Bills v. Cowboys, and Saints v. Falcons)

Lions. Bills. Saints

The Cowboys ; There are other games?

Bears, Cowboys, Saints

Bears, Bills, Saints… but Lions in my heart

6. When is it appropriate to start decorating for Christmas?

Day after Thanksgiving

The Saturday or Sunday post Turkey day.

No earlier than December 1

Black Friday

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